Redd is an interesting, yet shady, little fox who will start showing up on your island once you’ve made at least 60 donations to your museum. Once you’ve met this requirement, Isabelle will mention during her announcements that a shady character has been seen on the island.

The shadiest fox you'll ever see, Redd.

As you set out to find him, he’ll actually sell you your first piece of real art for the cousin’s price of just 4,980 Bells! Maybe he isn’t so shady? (He is.) The art you’ll get will vary – in my case, it was the Twinkling Painting.

From here on out – his appearances on your island are going to be random, much like the other NPCs, and he’s going to be even more shady. When he does arrive, he’ll park his Treasure Trawler (a very, very shady looking ship) at the northern most beach of your island. Unless you’ve done some type of terraforming, it is likely you need a ladder to get to it.

Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler. So. Shady.

You can usually tell if he is here by opening your map and checking if his leaf symbol shows on the map or not, unless you really just felt like making the trek up to the north beach to verify if he was there.

The map of Toebean, with Red's ship highlighted.
I happen to think he is REALLY shady, so it makes sense to me that he does his deals behind the museum!

When Redd does arrive, he’ll always have 4 art options available for you to buy, and two pieces of furniture. He’ll also always give you his special cousin’s discount of 4,980 Bells. Just for you. You’re special.

As far as the furniture goes – obviously, you are welcome to make your own choices. You might find something here you haven’t seen before. As you might have noticed given the number of times I’ve said, ‘shady’ in this article, there is going to be a significant up-charge. A 50% up-charge over what you would get from Nook’s Cranny, to be exact. So. Shady.

Now for the art. There are 43 pieces of art you can obtain – 30 paintings and 13 statues. You can only buy 1 a day… but the trick is that he doesn’t always sell legitimate art. Sometimes he carries one real and three fakes. Sometimes there are no real paintings, and sometimes they are all real. (And sometimes, they are haunted!)

If you have more than one resident on your island, you will be able to buy one per resident. If you don’t, invite your friends over to take advantage when you have more than one real painting – because it will take a while to collect all of the art otherwise!

Below you’ll find a list of all paintings and statues, in alphabetical order. Each item will be a link to take you to an article about each painting. As there are other guides that exist that can be used to identify whether the art is real or fake, I thought I’d have more fun with this guide and provide a little more detail about each piece as I am a huge fan of lot of the art that was selected for the game! It may be a while before all pieces are added to the list – but it’ll grow steadily as Redd continues to visit and my art collection grows.

Oh, and if you need any help finishing off your museum – let us know! We have a spreadsheet listing all of the pieces and we can help you fill in any gaps!

Note: Any pieces that have an * next to them are always genuine. Any pieces with an § next to them indicate that the fake is haunted!


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