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Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance

I have been playing an awful lot of Final Fantasy XIV lately, and I decided that I needed to take a short break. In that short break, my lovely boyfriend jokingly sent me a link to Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance on Steam because it was on sale. I don’t believe he thought I would actually play it, let […]

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Sometimes, I really need to play a good horror game. This year for Halloween, since I am fortunate to be off on Monday’s, I decided to give Visage a try. I thought it might be fun to spend the entire day playing a horror game. Everyone loves horror at Halloween! Visage is a horror game originally released in 2020 on […]

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Final Fantasy XIV: Online

I never thought I would see the day that I would step into an MMO and find that I enjoyed it. I did try playing this when it first game out, I was even playing it PS3 in the beta version. I’m not sure why it didn’t stick with me so many years ago, but on our quest for fun […]

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Animal Crossing: Wild Painting Right Half

The “Wild Painting Right Half” is half of a pretty cool set of screens. The “Wild Painting Right Half” is sometimes fake. The fake is pretty clever – it just changes the color scheme! If you hadn’t guessed, if you take both the Wild Half Right and the Wild Half Left, and put them side by side – you get […]

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Animal Crossing: Informative Statue

The “Informative Statue” is very helpful if you want to learn about language. It’s actually the Rosetta Stone! (Not that one. The real one.) The “Informative Statue” is sometimes fake… and haunted! It’s quite easy to tell them apart, I think. Once placed in the museum, the description provided on the plaque will read, Rosetta Stone – Artist Unknown – […]

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Animal Crossing: Motherly Statue

The “Motherly Statue” is kind of cute! It depicts the kids from that famous Romulus and Remus story. The “Motherly Statue” is sometimes fake. I also actually love the fake version – it is so incredibly derpy. Once placed in the museum, the description provided on the plaque will read, Capitoline Wolf – Artist Unknown, 5th century BCE Bronze This […]