If you are here wondering who we are, well the Bardic Unicorn is made of up of two people: Flurpy Hooves and Lady Dynamo. And we’re really all about two things: being awesome and letting our true colors shine. This site started as simply a way to show off our skills while we search for work after being laid off due to COVID. Since then, we’ve started to build a small, but wonderful community thanks to our stream and Discord server.

What we do

It won’t take you long to see that we play A LOT of Animal Crossing. We noticed when we started that there wasn’t a lot of in-game guidance and as total AC newbs, there was a definite learning curve.

Help was hard to find, and helping other is in our nature – and part of our former careers – so we decided to keep doing what we do! We started streaming on Twitch, and creating guides to help other newcomers. We also like to share resources and host giveaways to help out other players.

While there is a lot of Animal Crossing related content, we do play other games as well – currently in our line up we’ve got Super Mario Odyssey, Shining Force II, and Unravel Two! As we finish games, we’ll move on to others. You can always check the streaming page to see what we’re up to!

Who we are

Old, original logo for Flurpy Hooves and Lady Dynamo, drawn by Flurpy!

The Bardic Unicorn was dreamt up by real-world Wonder Woman, Flurpy, but what is a superhero without her trusty sidekick? That’s where Lady Dynamo comes in. We are an inseparable power-duo—quite literally now that COVID means we can’t leave our house. We’ve worked together for a decade and love to collaborate on creative endeavors. Being awesome and helpful is just… who we are!

Logo used when Flurpy was playing on stream initially.

How Flurpy describes Lady Dynamo:

I’m lucky enough to live with my best friend and previously worked alongside her for about 10 years. We are basically the same person. And despite all those years of working, and living together, and now being forced into quarantine, we still haven’t killed each other. How many people do you know that you can spend that kind of time with, and still want to? I mean, she might hulk out from time to time, [uh, you do not want to see her when she’s angry, mmkay?] but she gets me. In that way where you can sit in silence for hours and be totally okay with it.

Or like, I can just randomly go, ‘RWAAARRRRR’ and she’ll just go, ‘Yeah?’ and I’ll just nod, and we’ll both just like, know.

How Flurpy describes herself:

I’m definitely one of the weirdest people you will ever meet – but in a good way! I have a huge love of sharks and dinosaurs (I go to Shark-con every year and I am building a Jurassic Jeep!), and my dogs mean the world to me! I am a bard and I will sing all the songs [badly] to inspire us to victory!

Logo used when Dynamo was playing on stream initially.

How Lady Dynamo describes Flurpy:

Trying to sum up this weirdo in just a few lines is difficult to do. Seriously, she’s the WEIRDEST person I know. She’s also the BEST. That’s why we call her Wonder Woman. In the decade that we’ve known each other, I’ve learned so much from her both personally and professionally. All while having an endless soundtrack of very strange, impromptu songs randomly sung throughout the house.

How Lady Dynamo describes herself:

If I had to try and sum myself up in a word, it’d be storyteller. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. When I was younger, to me that simply meant writing books. As I got older, I discovered the joy of gaming and realized that there are so many different ways to tell a good story. After the written word, my deepest love is D&D. What could be better than sitting with friends and actively collaborating on an epic story of our very own?