The “Worthy Painting” is giant painting celebrating the July Revolution in 1830 in France.

The real Worthy Painting

The “Worthy Painting” is always genuine.

This painting is definitely worthy of your Bells. It deserves to be showcased. It will be placed between the Warm Painting and the Glowing Painting. Once Blathers hangs it in the museum, the description on the plaque will read:

Liberty Leading the People, Eugène Delacroix, 1830

Oil on canvas

Painted by leading 19th century Romantic artist Delacroix in the same year as the French revolution. The woman in the center is often mistaken for Joan of Arc, but she is actually the fictional “Marianne.”

The artist started work on the painting after seeing the violent protests that began shortly after Charles X issued some restrictive ordinances in 1830. I’m not going to try to give an intense history lesson here, because French history is not my strong suit and I’m focused on the painting! In a VERY long-story-short version, Charles X abdicated and Louis-Philippe took over. The artist was inspired when he saw the flag raised. Three months of hard-work later, this painting came to life.

People had a hard time agreeing if the painting was heroic or distasteful. Because breasts. Here is the actual painting, because the Switch would never be able to capture all of the work that went into this beauty:

Liberty Leading the People 1830 - Oil on Canvas

Liberty Leading the People, 1830, Oil on Canvas. WikiCommons

When I mentioned it was a large painting, I mean it is massive. It is 8.5 × 10.66 feet (2.6 × 3.25 metres)! It was also once the victim of vandalism when a woman etched ‘AE911’ into the painting, as part of her 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. Fortunately, the damage was entirely superficial, and this worthy painting was easily restored to it’s former glory!

If you want to see it in person, you’ll need to go to the Louvre!

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