♪ Let’s talk about stonks baby, come talk about bells with me. ♫

Dasiy Mae has turned up for turnips on Sunday!

I do not apologize for the bad song lyrics. This is the Bardic Unicorn, and I sing when the moment strikes. Just like Daisy Mae! In fact, once you have been playing the game for a few weeks, you’re bound to hear a charming tune around your island on a Sunday morning she turns up!

Turnips, turnips! Watch ’em rise! Try to earn a nice surprise!”

Daisy Mae

It’s probably a lot cuter before you realize she’s telling you to go play the Stalk Market, but it is a way to make a fortune!

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae herself is the granddaughter of Joan, who was a legendary turnip saleswoman. Since New Horizons is the first Animal Crossing that I’ve played, I haven’t had any experience with Joan, but I’ve heard good things. When you meet Daisy Mae, she’ll tell you how she’s now taking over the business, and will be visiting you every Sunday morning to bring you fresh turnips.

She will be visiting you every Sunday morning from 5 AM to noon. If you are planning to buy turnips that week, make sure to set an alarm. If you are time-traveling while playing the game, don’t do so while buying turnips.

Oh, and if you need bamboo or bamboo shoots? Buy at least 100 turnips. She’ll send you a nice thank you in the mail and it’ll include three bamboo shoots.

Buying Turnips

Ready to buy turnips? Well once you find Daisy Mae on your island, head over to her and have a nice little chat.

Daisy Mae saying hello on a Sunday morning

As she keeps talking, she’s going to offer you a price for turnips. The price changes every week, and can fluctuate quite a bit! It’s also different on every island – so it won’t be the same on your friends.

Daisy Mae offering a price for turnips

Usually when you are looking to buy turnips, any price under 100 Bells isn’t bad! They’ll range from 90 to about 110 bells or so. The lowest I’ve managed to grab was about 93 Bells. This is a time when it’s a good idea to check with your friends to see what their prices are! (And if you’re new to the game, or don’t know anyone who is playing, play with us! You can hop into our Discord at anytime and just ask, what are your turnip prices?! And we’ll tell you!)

Turnips come in bundles of 10!

The next thing to keep in mind about turnips is that they are always sold in a bundle of ten. So you never buy a single turnip. You can’t buy 1 turnip for 98 Bells – the smallest amount you could buy is ten. In this case, I would have to get ten turnips for 980 Bells.

Or buy 100 and spend 9800 Bells!

Then again, you can always just go ham. In this case, I only bought 100 turnips – so 9800 Bells. It’s not actually that bad! In this case, this wouldn’t fill my pocket. You certainly can – just keep in mind – storage. You can’t put them in storage in your house, so you have to either drop them outside on the island or just put them on the floor in your house.

If you drop them outside, you may want to fence them in case you have visitors – but it is entirely up to you!

The Stalk Market

For the rest of the week, you have an opportunity to sell your turnips for a huge profit. And just like the real stock market, you can also lose. However it goes, you have to get rid of them during the week or their going to just rot – and then you lose everything.

So how does it work? Well, every day you have two price fluctuations. Once Nook’s Cranny opens until noon you have the AM price, and then from noon until it closes you have your PM price.

If you are tracking your prices, you can use one of the many online calculators to determine the kind of price you’ll have throughout the week, which helps you determine when you should sell.

Turnip Prophet is a great calculator, and so is the ACNH Guide. In both cases, you’ll log your buy price of the week, and ideally, the AM and PM price each day. The more data you can provide they more accurately they can assess your probabilities. Hopefully you get lucky and you have a huge spike – you can get somewhere around 600-800 Bell spikes! And if you’re unlucky, you get the small spikes of about 30 Bells.

Again, it’s helpful to play with others who can give you prices too.

And if you just feel really, incredibly impatient? Then use the magic of Turnip Exchange. With Turnip Exchange, you can get in line to go to an island where the turnips are selling at a high price. It might be a long line if the prices are exceptionally good, but you’ll be able to unload your turnips pretty easily. Just remember to practice good etiquette if you’re visiting others islands!

That’s just about it! Now go and corner the Stalk Market and make your Bellions! Tell us when you become a Bellionaire!

Time Travel warning! I know there are a lot of players who like to time travel while playing ACNH. Neither Lady Dynamo nor I play the game this way, so we don’t have any guides on doing so. You’re obviously free to play the game how you like, and we hope you have fun doing so! We do however, want to caution you – turnips don’t like time travel! If you decide to time travel backwards even a single day while you have turnips, your turnips will rot. Rotten turnips are not fun for anyone!

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