Everybody has a birthday! Even your villagers! And on that birthday, you can celebrate your favorite villager’s birthday with them!

Happy Birthday, Papi! Papi's birthday is January 10th!

My favorite villager is Papi, and January 10th was his birthday – so what better time to write up a post about birthdays?! The choice to celebrate with your villagers is up to you, but for me, it is just entirely too cute to pass up! Your villager’s photo will have their birthday listed on the back of it, if you’ve already received it.

If you aren’t sure, you’ll see a notice posted in the plaza a few days a head of time. If you have any amiibo cards, you can find their birthdays there, too! You’ll also see that other villager’s are happy to give you a heads up, and Isabelle will remind you the day off, too.

Wrapping Presents

Before you head to your villager’s house for their birthday party, make sure you pick up a nice gift for them! While it’s not a true requirement, it goes a long way in upping your friendship levels… and it’s kind of the nice thing to do. Who doesn’t want a present on their birthday?!

You can choose to give your villager just about anything you like – they tend to be excited about just about anything. If you are working on earning their photo still and looking to earn the most points – you may want to stick with furniture, but otherwise, it’s up to you. You can also choose to give clothing, something out of Nook’s, or even a DIY item!

What’s important though – is that you wrap it! What’s a present without wrapping paper?! If you aren’t sure about how to wrap a present, or maybe haven’t done it before – take a quick trip over to Nook’s Cranny. You can buy wrapping paper there, in increments of one or five.

Once you have your gift, and your wrapping paper, open your pocket. Select the paper, and then choose to wrap the item. Tada! Present! And then to demonstrate, here is a quick video.


Now that you have your present wrapped and ready, head over to the party! The birthday party will be held in the villager’s house, so just go on over and let yourself in – and be prepared for the very adorable party.

Your villager will be very excited to see you, and eagerly await your present. Give it to them, hang out, party, enjoy.

In addition to this incredibly adorable event, you’ll be rewarded with miles for attending birthdays every so often, and your villager will send you a thank you in the mail the following day.

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