I was very excited to have snow on my island and be able to start building Snowboys. Then I built a Snowboy for the first time, and I don’t think I’ve come across anything so frustrating in this game to date.

Let's talk about building perfect Snowboys.

If building Snowboys has been as frustrating for you as it has been for me, then I hope this guide will be helpful for you.


Once your island is covered in snow, you’ll start seeing snowballs appear on the ground. You’ll get two snowballs per day to work with. Yes, this means if you mess up making your perfect Snowboy, you’re out of luck…. sort of.

They are going to spawn somewhere on the island where there is a bit of open space, and somewhat close to each other. If you’re island is too densely decorated for them to spawn and you never find them, you’ll probably have to remove some items and leave space for them. Keep in mind, you need space to be able to roll them into large snowballs, so having a fair bit of open space will be very helpful.

There are a few other things to keep in mind in regards to your snowballs, too.

First, it doesn’t matter how many other residents you have on your island – you are only going to get two snowballs per day. (For example, I have 5, and Lady Dynamo has 8, but we still only get two!) It’s not the worst thing in the world for us – even though we have the multiple accounts, we are just a single player, but I can’t imagine what it must be like for individuals who actually share an island!

Second, if your airport gates are open, snowballs will not appear. It’s similar to Pascal, wasps, or rocks in that regard. Make sure to look for snowballs before or after you have friends over.

Third, watch out for dung beetles. They appear near the snowballs and kind of roll them around. From what we have observed, they’ll show up and play with your balls regardless of the size of the snowball. We haven’t seen them break one, or roll it into a river or off a cliff just yet – but they have rolled them into inconvenient places for us! They are sometimes hard to see if the snowball is a bit large, but here is a short video clip of what they look like for reference.

Should you see your snowball appear to have a mind of its own, just whip out your net and grab the dung beetle! Or run behind it and scare it off. Either option will work, really!

Lastly, you may find that you occasionally break a snowball. It can happen if you push it into a river, a tree or other object, or maybe off a cliff. Don’t panic! You can reset the snowball if you walk into any building, and then back out.

Do you wanna build a Snowboy?

Once you’ve found your snowballs, you’re ready to build your Snowboy!

First, start by rolling around your snowballs to make them bigger. Your villager will have to kick them around a little bit – I didn’t count them exactly but it’s not too many kicks – and then they will start to actually roll them around with their hands. Essentially, think of a snowman – one big ball, one little ball.

If it is your first Snowboy, then it is easy-peasy. Roll the little ball into the big ball. You’ll receive a cute cut-scene, and a gift. This is the easiest Snowboy you will make. Do not be fooled into thinking they are all this easy. All Snowboys from this point on must be perfect.

Oh, and a little tip? Leave some space between rocks, rivers, or cliffs before you try to stack them – or your snowballs will just bounce off each other.

Perfect Snowboys

Perfect Snowboys have become the bane of my existence. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

When you build your Snowboy perfectly, you’ll receive a DIY and a Large Snowflake as a prize. This is the only way to get the Large Snowflakes. You get one shot at this per day.

I thought it would be easy.

I’ll share the multiple methods I came across for making them, but I’m really going into detail for the only one that consistently really works for me.

Time it Out

1. Roll the first snowball for 17 seconds. This will be the body.
2. Roll the second snowball for 12 seconds.
3. Roll it into the body.

From testing this, I could never get this to work. Presumably, you start timing it after your villager stops kicking the snowball, and starts rolling it around. I could not get my snowballs to end up close enough together to be reliable, or a dung beetle would interfere, or I’d break a snowball, or something else could come up.

Measure to Ear Height

1. Roll the first snowball to max size. This will be the body.
2. [This instruction is where it gets confusing!] Roll second snowball to top/bottom/middle of villager’s ears.
3. Roll second snowball into the body.

This method was the most irritating one of all. I saw it listed ALL OVER THE PLACE and the most absolutely conflicting piece of information ever. I was only able to get this method to work exactly one time.

Path to Victory

1. Create a path that is 10 tiles long.
2. Roll both snowballs to max size.
3. Place each snowball at each end of the path. Roll one snowball into the other, down the path. The snowball rolling down the path will reduce in size until it is the right size when it hits the other.

This method is the winner. I have used this with 100% success every single time. It has removed my Snowboy frustration!

Path to Victory

To further explain how this method works, you essentially begin by using the island designer app to create a path that is 10 spaces long. Use any tile you like (other than grass!). If you aren’t sure how long this should be, you can dig 10 holes in the ground to count it out!

Ten spaces next to ten holes. Ready for snowboys!

Next, roll your snowballs so they are BOTH at max size. If you aren’t sure when they are at max size – push the snowball towards the camera.

Snowball at max height when you push it to the camera and it is just a hair away from the villager's chin.

When you push a snowball towards the camera, you should see that it is nearly touching the villager’s chin when they roll it. They also start rolling it slowly for a second if you stop pushing it and start again.

When both snowballs have reached max size, put them at opposite ends of the path that you made.

Max snowballs at opposite ends of a path.

Now that the snowballs are in position, roll one snowball down the path and into the other. It will reduce in size as it rolls down the path until it is the exact size it needs to be. When it hits the second snowball, it will be the perfect size, and you’ll have your perfect Snowboy!

Oh no…

Oh dear. What have you done? This snowboy is not... right.

As I said earlier, building Snowboys hasn’t been my cup of tea. I’ve made some sins against nature. Like accidentally stacking the body on top of the head.

I’ve made a lot of less than perfect Snowboys. That’s ok. You know why? Because even though you technically only get one shot at this per day, we have the advantage of ….. closing and rebooting the game before it saves.

That’s right. If your Snowboy isn’t perfect, then when the message is still on screen – hit the home button on your controller and close the game before moving forward. You can reopen it and try again. Once it saves or moves forward, you’re stuck with it – but if you close it at this point you can try again.

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