The “Perfect Painting” is a tasty looking painting!

The “Perfect Painting” is always genuine.

Now that you know Redd isn’t going to rip you off for this one, go ahead and buy it! Once he has delivered it to you, take it to the museum and give it to Blathers. He will place it in the museum, and the description provided on the plaque will read:

Apples and Oranges – Paul Cézanne, circa 1899

Oil on canvas

This still life is known to have inspired the work of many other artists, including Pablo Picasso. Rather than trying to recreate an image, Cézanne captured the beauty of shapes from many angles. With this work, Cézanne draws on both the atmosphere of his subjects and the spirit of its beholders.

One of the more recognizable ones that Cézanne painted, although sadly, also painted near the end of his life. I appreciate that the game has this listed as a ‘perfect painting,’ as the artist was very deliberate in his placement of the items on the table. Every single element within the painting has been placed to best capture the different sources of light and color.

The tablecloth creates the background, bringing different shades of purples and reds. The white dishes make the yellow and oranges of the fruits stand out. Even the pitchers placement brings more of the same effect – the white matching the cloth and the color of the pattern working with the fruit. Together, it creates a dramatic scene of color and depth.

It’s a perfect painting because the artist takes these plain, ordinary items and creates a scene. These brightly colored fruits don’t cause the rest of the items to become unimportant. Multiple items reside on the table, yet it doesn’t feel crowded. It isn’t just a painting, it is still life. It has been hanging at Musée d’Orsay in Paris since 1986.

Here is what the real version of the perfect painting looks like, for comparison:

The Perfect Painting, better known as Paul Cezanne's Apples and Oranges from the Wikimedia Commons.
Paul Cézanne, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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