The “Nice Painting” is a charming young fifer.

The Nice Painting - a charming little fifer!

The “Nice Painting” is always genuine.

Now that you know it’s always the real deal, go ahead and hand over your Bells to Redd, and have him ship it over. Once you have it, take it on over to the museum to give to Blather’s. He will happily place it between the Proper and Sinking paintings, with a handy plaque beneath it which reads:

The Fifer, Édouard Manet, 1886

Oil on canvas

One of Manet’s earlier works, This painting depicts a young flautist dressed in military uniform. Manet’s works are notable for their lack of linear perspective and strong color contrast. These attributes led some to call him “The Father of Impressionism” and make comparisons to Velazquez. Fun fact-flautists can determine what note the boy is playing just by studying the painting closely.

Does the artist’s name seem familiar to you? He does have another work included in New Horizons, the Proper Painting! The Fifer resides at the Musée d’Orsay, much like the Perfect Painting.

Manet drew a lot of inspiration from and studied Diego Valazquez quite a bit, although with this painting, almost inverted the style. In doing so, he drew quite a bit of criticism – there were not a lot of fans of the indirect light he uses to flood the subject, and the flat background which makes it difficult really judge the height of the figure. He did have a fan, Emile Zola, who would defend it for quite some before anyone would agree with him.

The Fifer, Edouard Manet, via Wikimedia Commons
Édouard Manet, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Blathers gave a hint that if you happen to play the flute, you could identify the note that the fifer here is playing. Unfortunately, I don’t play the flute and try as I might, I couldn’t find the answer to that. I’d love to know it – if anyone out there knows!

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