Whether you’re just starting your island or have a love of crafting, eventually you’re going to need to collect some resources/materials. Some are harder to come by than others and some are only available seasonally.

Materials Available Year-Round

There are some materials that are available throughout the year and, for the most part, can be available on your island so you don’t need to use NMTs to go searching for resources.

A variety of different resources are available throughout the year for all your crafting needs!

Tree Branches

You will have an endless supply of tree branches on your island and on mystery islands. Early on, you’ll need tree branches for a lot of common recipes, including tools, but as time goes on, you’ll need them less and less. You’ll often see them on the ground near Hardwood or Cedar Trees and you can shake the trees to drop even more.

When you shake trees, you should always have a net ready in case there are wasps. If there are wasps in the tree, you’ll get a wasp next which can be used to craft Medicine for those nasty stings. You’ll also sometimes have bells or items fall from trees when you shake them.


Minerals are gathered by hitting rocks. They consist of clay, stone, iron, and gold. You’re not guaranteed to get any particular mineral when you hit your rocks, but you have a higher probability of getting iron and clay when visiting mystery islands. In the table below, you can see the probability of each mineral on your main island vs on mystery islands, per the official companion guide (pg. 205).

MineralProbability (Main Island)Probability (Mystery Island)
Iron 34%50%
Probability of which materials will be obtained from hitting rocks.

You can hit rocks with your shovel or axe to get minerals. For more detailed directions on how to get the most out of your rocks, you should check out this guide Flurpy wrote.

Note: check your energy level before you hit your rocks! If you’ve eaten something and still have energy, you’ll break the rock after only one hit and miss out on resources!


There are three main types of wood that you can get from trees: wood, softwood, and hardwood. Wood can be harvested from Hardwood, Cedar, and Fruit Trees. Official sources will tell you that you have an equal chance of getting each of these wood types, but in reality you’ll likely found yourself running out of wood the fastest.

Wood is harvested by hitting trees with an axe. Each tree will provide a maximum of three pieces of wood per day. If you’re using a Flimsy or Stone Axe, you can hit a tree three times without permanently harming the tree. If you’re using the Axe or Golden Axe, the tree will be chopped down on the third strike. This means you should only hit trees on your island twice for wood unless you want to remove the tree.


Similar to wood, bamboo is harvested by hitting Bamboo Trees with an axe. Just like with other trees, up to three pieces of bamboo can be harvested per tree. Also like other trees, the third hit with an Axe or Golden Axe will chop the bamboo tree down.

You won’t have Bamboo trees on your island by default. When visiting mystery islands, you may end up on an island that is covered in Bamboo trees. If you want a permanent source of bamboo on your island, dig up some trees to take back home. There are coconuts on the beach that you can eat to give you energy for digging up trees and you can eat bamboo sprouts!

Bamboo sprouts will spawn adjacent to bamboo trees, as long as they have enough space around them. You can plant bamboo sprouts to grow more bamboo trees, craft with them, or eat them for energy.


Fruit is used in some DIY recipes and can be eaten for energy to destroy rocks or dig up trees. When you first start out, you’ll only have one type of fruit tree on your island—this is your native fruit. As you visit different mystery islands (or friends), you can collect different types of fruit and fruit trees.

Fruit is harvested by shaking trees and you don’t need to worry about wasps because they don’t spawn in fruit trees! Coconut trees will drop two coconuts when shaken while other fruit trees will drop three pieces of fruit. Fruit spawns year-round, but not every day. After harvesting fruit from a tree, it will take three full days to grow more fruit.


Some DIYs will require flowers in different combinations of type and color. Flowers can be picked by standing on top of or facing a flower and hitting (Y). Once picked, flowers will take three days to fully grow back.

To start out, you’ll only have one type of flower on your island and only in basic colors. You can buy flower seeds from Nook’s Cranny and Leif when he visits. You can plant and breed flowers to get more types and colors. If you really like flowers, this is a serious rabbit hole you can fall down and will require a post all its own to explain (stay tuned).


Seashells will randomly wash up on your beaches each day. You’ll want to clean these up regularly because if your beach fills up completely, there won’t be space for message bottles and stars to wash up. Over time, you’ll end up with way more shells than you know what to do with. I recommend keeping a couple of stacks of each type in storage in case you need them for crafting and just sell the rest to the Nooklings.


Sometimes after dark, you’ll have shooting stars. These are mostly random, but occasionally a meteor shower will be announced ahead of time. You’re also likely to get a visit from Celeste during meteor showers. Stars will wash up on your beach the day after you wish on stars.

To wish on a star, make sure your hands are empty and angle the camera view all the way up to look at the sky. While a shooting star is on screen, hit the (A) button to make a wish. There are regular star fragments, large star fragments, and zodiac specific fragments that change based on the zodiac calendar.


When you first start your island, it will be covered with weeds which are easily removed by picking them up with the (Y) button. You can also have 99 weeds per pocket space, so they’re easy to clear out. There are some recipes that use weeds or you can sell them off. If you’re going to sell them, save them until Leif shows up because he’ll pay you double what the Nooklings will. If left unchecked, weeds will run wild on your island and can lower your island rating.


Most trash is found by fishing. When fishing you may “catch” boots, empty cans, or old tires. As you collect more trash, you’ll get the idea for a couple of DIYs that use the various pieces of trash. Other than for crafting, they don’t have much value. You will also find a rusted part in the Recycling in Resident Services on the day after Gulliver has visited. These are used for crafting the Robot Hero and should be saved since they don’t occur very often.

Seasonal Materials

As the seasons change, some additional materials will go in and out of season. Seasonal DIYs will be available during these times and must be crafted using the seasonal materials.

Springcherry-blossom petal200
Springyoung spring bamboo200
Summersummer shell600
Autumnelegant mushroom10,000
Autumnflat mushroom200
Autumnmaple leaf200
Autumnpine cone200
Autumnrare mushroom16,000
Autumnround mushroom200
Autumnskinny mushroom300
Winterblue ornament50
Wintergold ornament50
Winterlarge snowflake2500
Winterred ornament50
Season materials and their value.

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