Recently, one of my long term residents told me he was ready to move on. It happens. Sometimes, you don’t want them to – and you ask them to stay forever. You’ve found your ‘dreamies,’ as it were.

And sometimes, you can be a little indifferent. The villager has been around for a while, and you’ve obtained their photo. You didn’t find that you became attached to them all that much. It’s okay if they ask to go.

Then there are some villagers… (ahem, Graham) that you just can’t wait to get rid of.

Whether you are villager hunting because someone asked to leave, or you need to get rid of someone – the amiibos are here to to let you choose the specific villager you’d like to invite! It sure beats spending Nook Mile Tickets and hopping islands for hours!


To use an amiibo, you’ll need to start by getting a hold of them. And there are… a lot. New Horizons is not the first version of Animal Crossing, so naturally, there are a lot of previous versions of amiibos available.

How many, exactly? Glad you asked!


Starting with the figurines! There are 16 figurines available to choose from! (Okay, there are 18 if you count the two that were introduced for Super Smash Brothers, but you can’t use them for Animal Crossing, so we’re not counting them.)

The Celeste Animal Crossing amiibo.

Look how adorable this precious owl is? Everyone needs one. You can see the catalog of the figures from the official catalog. I’m not lucky enough to own any of these yet. Unlike the cards though, these would look great on display too!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Series

Spike's Welcome amiibo series card. What a cute little RV. Who is he fooling with those skateboards?!

When New Leaf received the update to support amiibos, this set of 50 cards was released along side it. This update also brought back some characters that were fan favorites like Stella and Boots, and of course they weren’t going to leave this out of New Horizons.

I do love the little RV’s. Who is Spike fooling with those skateboards? He is not hip with the youths.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

KK Slider's amiibo card.

The last type of supported amiibo are the Animal Crossing cards. There are 400 of these! They cover not just the villagers, but other characters like KK Slider and Isabelle – so you can bring them over to Harv’s if you want to take photos with them, or order posters.

How to Use an Amiibo

Have an amiibo and ready to invite a villager? Head down to Resident Services and access the ABD. Select the option to invite an amiibo to the campsite.

Inviting a villager via amiibo card from the ABD.

Once you have selected the option, get your amiibo ready.

For this post, I used Savannah’s amiibo. She is a villager I have been wanting for some time, and this was the first time I have used one.

Savannah's amiibo card!

If you’re as curious as I was to the symbols, I’ll explain!

The top left is for species. In Savannah’s case, she’s a horse. (Technically, she’s a zebra. But the game doesn’t break it down that far.)

The number in the top right is her series number out of 400.

The next two are a die and a hand throwing either a rock, paper, or scissors. These were used for participating in Wii U game amiibo Festival.

At the bottom, you have the character’s name, followed by their star sign and birthday! Savannah’s birthday is January 25th, so she is an Aquarius!

And the color. I struggled to find an answer as to the color – so I stared at the listing of amiibos for quite some time until I realized what it was. The colors of the card correlate to star sign! You’re welcome!

Now when you are ready to scan your amiibo, you’ll need to touch the card to the NFC touchpoint on your controller. If it is a Joy-Con, you’ll touch it to the right joystick. If it is the pro controller, you’ll touch it to the symbol at the top.

Touchpoint on the Joy-Con controller. Graphic from Canva.
Touchpoint on the Pro controller. Graphic by Flupy!

It may take a second to read your amiibo, and if it fails to read it just try again and make sure you position it right on the touchpoint. It took me a few tries to get it. (I am a silly person.)

Once it reads, you’ll get a quick confirmation, and then you can invite them to the campsite!

Confirming the amiibo was read correctly!

After you confirm the invite, the game will load the villager, and you’ll see their cute little face as they head over to your campsite!

It's Savannah!

Inviting them to Stay

Inviting them to your campsite is done. Now to get them to move in? That is going to take a little more work!

To start, you’ll need to go and visit them. Unlike you’re regular campsite visitors, you’ll find that amiibo campers are going to want souvenirs of your island to take home with them. Oh, and they’re not going to just move in on the first visit, either. It’s going to take three.

Have to do some work to get the campers to move in...

Each visit is going to require that you make something for them. My requests were all pretty random. A hedge standee, a wooden-block bed, and a wooden toolbox. As I completed each request, she dropped a lot of hints for me.

Oh, is that a hint?

And then she would turn me down. SO RUDE.

Turned down by my camper. So sad.

Unless you’re time traveling, you’re just going to have to wait three days before you can bring in a new villager by using an amiibo. Neither Lady Dynamo nor I time-travel, so it took three days.

Eventually, on the third day of inviting her and completing her requests, she did finally agree to move to Toebean.

She's moving in!

The best part about using an amiibo to move in a villager is that when they finally agree – you will get to CHOOSE who is going to move out! You won’t have to hope they choose the right one!

Whether you choose to keep island hopping, or choose to use an amiibo to bring in your perfect villager – have fun! And we want to know – who is your favorite?

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