Pascal is an adorable red otter included in the summer update along with the ability to go swimming. In order to meet him, you’ll have to dive for a scallop!

Catching a scallop. It otter be savored. Puns are bad, mm'kay?

Finding Pascal

Once you catch a scallop for the first time of the day, he’ll show up and ask you for it. If your pockets are empty, he’ll leave a surprise for you in your pocket! During the summer months, your surprise may range from a pearl, to a recipe for mermaid furniture to any of the mermaid clothing items.

In this case, Pascal provided a pearl in exchange for a scallop.

The other strange gift he’ll leave you with is some very strange knowledge. If you can call it that?

Once you’ve given him his scallop for the day, you may find him swimming just outside the border of your island. He tends to munch the scallop and swim around for a bit, which is pretty adorable to observe!

Pascal just enjoying his scallops.

Here is a quick video of meeting Pascal in action!

Having trouble finding him?

Sometimes, you may notice that you’ve caught a scallop but Pascal didn’t appear. This has happened to us on occasion, and it took us a little bit to narrow down – but we finally figured out the problem!

Make sure your airport is closed! If your airport gate is open, Pascal will not show up. This is a fairly obnoxious detail that the game doesn’t tell you that can affect a few things – such as wasps, hitting your rocks, scorpions, or tarantulas.

If you find yourself locating scallops and Pascal not appearing, just make sure that you close the airport, and you should be all set!

Not sure how to swim?

We gotcha covered! Check out our other post that is all about swimming and how to obtain a wet suit. You’ll be having a blast in the water in no time!

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