The “Ancient Statue” is cute and old.

The real Ancient Statue

The “ Ancient Statue” is sometimes fake… and haunted! If you place it at night, the eyes will light up. Even more fun, if you click on it when it is glowing – it flies!

The fake and haunted Ancient Statue

Once placed in the museum, the description provided on the plaque will read,

Jōmon Period “Dogū” Figurine Shakōki-dogū, Artist unknown, 1000-400 BCE

Fired pottery

A mysterious, riveting doll made from kneaded, unglazed dirt during the Jōmon period. Its large round eyes resemble goggles that intercept light, so its name should come as no surprise. “Shakōki” means “light-intercepting goggles” and a dogū is a small animal figurine.

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