Once you have upgraded Resident Services, you may be visited by a bright red chameleon wandering around your island. He is a little shy, but he absolutely loves bugs. His love of bugs can not be understated. This little guy is Flick. Flick is CJ’s partner, and he is to bugs as CJ is to fish. He also runs a Bug-Off Tournament, but that will be covered in a later article.

Meet Flick!

Flick is one of the NPC’s who can arrive on a weekday, and will only appear once per week. Once you see him, he will stay until 5 AM the next morning. Most NPC’s arrive on the island to sell you something – Flick does not. Flick is here for one thing, and one thing only: he wants your bugs.

Flick has a way with words.

Not only does he just want them for … reasons… He is also a wonderful artist, and he’ll take commissions! If you find any of the bugs in the game particularly interesting looking, you can bring 3 of them to him, and he’ll create a model for you. The model will be a big larger than the original bug, and will take him a day to get it back to you – but they look pretty cool.

Turn in three bugs to order a comission

He also has a way with words.

He REALLY loves bugs

Sell Bugs

One of the best things about Flick visiting is that he will buy your bugs. Any bug. Unlike CJ who will require that you first complete a quest for him, Flick is just happy to take them from you, and you can keep on selling.

Flick will purchase absolutely any bug

Even better – if you take a bug down to Nook’s Cranny to sell it, take notice of the price. In this case, you’ll see that when I took a tarantula in they offered me 8,000 Bells for one. 8,000 Bells is still a fair bit of money for a single bug – but if you’re really looking to make some quick money (and you’re trying to win at the Stonk Market), holding your bugs for Flick is a really good idea.

You can sell bugs to Nook's Cranny... but..

Flick will buy bugs from you at 50% more than what Nook’s Cranny will give you. So the 8,000 Bells that the Nooklings provided now becomes 12,000. Now imagine what happens when you happen to stumble across Tarantula or Scorpion Island and you happen to have an entire pocketful of those little guys!

Flick will give you 50% more per bug
Bring him pockets full of bugs
Get rich quick!

Bug Models

Flick’s other major role is to provide models. If you bring him three of a species – he’ll provide you with a model. You can only get one per visit, however if you have multiple residents on your island, you can get one per resident. For example, I have 5 residents – so I can get 5 models on each visit, as long as I have the bugs!

Part ways with 3 bugs of a species to order a model

Once you bring him the bugs, he is happy to start the commission for you. It won’t cost you any Bells beyond the bugs themselves. He will create it for you and mail you the model the following day.

Sweet Letter from Flick
Model arrived
Models are Huge

The models will be slightly bigger than the actual bugs are. In some cases, the models seem to be gigantic – like with the Atlas moth. Even the tiny mosquito gets quite a big model, considerably!

These models can not be purchased, so you can only get them from Flick. You won’t be able to purchase duplicates later, so if you want a second one you’d have to bring more bugs to Flick to order them.

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