Trick or Treat! It's a 'gourd' evening for a giveaway.... and puns are just awful.

For Halloween, we will be hosting a Special Trick or treat event on our stream. If you are an Animal Crossing fan, you won’t want to miss out! We have been saving up items for this for quite some time, and are so excited!

Join us for a special Animal Crossing Halloween stream on October 31 from 7-10 PM ET!

How to Enter

To enter, you’ll need Toebeans! Toebeans are loyalty points that are are earned by joining us in the stream.. You can earn points for just being present in the chat, but it’s a pretty slow rate. If you really want to earn a lot of points, you need to be active! Chatting with us during a live stream will help you gain points faster than lurking. Following or subscribing to the channel will get you a quick boost.

The sooner you start earning Toebeans – the more you’ll have by Halloween. You can start buying tickets to enter on Halloween night, and they will cost 50 Toebeans per entry. We’ll even let you buy up to five tickets! (Yes, that means you can actually win up to five times!)

The first half of the stream will be open for viewers to buy tickets. So make sure you stop buy to earn your Toebeans ahead of time so you have plenty in the bank to spend on tickets!

The drawing will be at random, and we’ll be pulling small groups of viewers to visit the island to go Trick-or-Treating!


If you have a winning entry, congrats! You’re going to be sent a Dodo code via Whisper on Twitch, and you’re going to get to come over to Toebean!

A timer will be set and you’ll have 3 minutes to run through the presents and pick up as many as you want and can carry. You’re welcome to open them if you want – but it’ll cost you time! And yes, you can drop them and pick up something else if you want, it’s your Trick or Treat adventure!

Prizes range quite a bit – there are Robot Heroes, real art, fake art, bags of Bells, fruit, sticks, clothing, DIYs, Golden Tools, flimsy tools, fish and bug models, and all other kinds of goodies and not so goodies.

If you would like a preview of what kinds of prizes are available (or how many?!) you can visit the island through the Dream Address – DA-8754-7876-5152, just know that the prizes are continuing to increase and move around so don’t bother memorizing what is where!

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