Tonight we’ll be hosting our first ever watch party!

The Toebean residents are having their own Watch Party!

Since Covid, we can’t exactly go to the movies anymore. Instead, we can watch movies online… with you! We’ll be watching Population 436 tonight (October 23, 2020) at 9 PM ET.

So how do watch parties work?

Well, first – you’ll need to have an Amazon Prime account. Make sure that you are logged in, and if you haven’t already linked your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts, you’ll be asked to do so when you land on our Twitch channel.

You’ll be able to see us on our cam, and hear us – and watch the movie at the same time! The Twitch overlay won’t interfere with your movie viewing experience. Check out this super sweet screenshot of how it’s going to look for you.

Image of Twitch overlay during a Watch Party!

So bring your popcorn, and join us in this watch party!

But hey, we’ll be live-tweeting the whole time too – so if you aren’t able to watch along, you won’t be missing out!

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