Wasps are great, right? Awesome bugs that are found in trees all year round. And it doesn’t hurt that they are worth 2,500 Bells. Or 3,750 Bells if Flick happens to be in town! Catching them, however, can sometimes be less than awesome.

Good news! There are two very simple ways to catch them that won’t result in your villagers calling you a monster and leave you scrambling to make up some medicine.

The first method was developed by Lady Dynamo, who quickly figured out that my way wasn’t working. (My way kept ending up with monster-face.)

With this method, be sure to start by having your net out. Approach the tree and shake it. As soon as the wasp nest falls and you are able to move your character, run away from the tree and the wasps to an area where you are able to see and will no longer accidentally shake the tree again. Turn to face the wasps. When they come towards you, swing the net and grab them!

You don’t have to move far, just move to where you can clearly see and won’t shake the tree again.

The last method was recently described to me by another friend, and allows you to catch the wasp without any running at all – you just need to line up correctly before you shake the tree.

With this method, again start with your net out, and approach the tree from the bottom, making sure your character is facing north. (In other words, your character should be facing the tree and you should see their back.) Shake the tree. When the wasp nest falls, your character will automatically turn to face the wasps! All you have to do is swing the net and you’ve got’em!

Hardwood and cedar trees around your island may carry wasps, and each time you visit a mystery island you should be able to grab a wasp as well. Save your wasps for the next time Flick visits, and you’ll be a Bellionaire in no time!

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