Want to collect an adorable poster of your favorite villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to hang in your house?

Spork and his most adorable poster

Posters are easy to obtain, and will be an identical image to the photo you can obtain from them. They are just a little larger, and considered a wall-mounted object.

To get them, you first need to make sure you can travel to Harv’s island. (This option becomes available after you have three residents on your island. He’ll show up to visit your island and introduce himself. He will do this for each resident you have)

Head to your airport, and tell Orville (Does he make anyone else think of popcorn….? Just me?) that you want to go to Harv’s Island.

Orville at the Toebean airport

Once you are there, go into into the house and set up a room to take a photo. When you enter the inventory, tab all the way to the right. The very last tab will include your residents.

Selecting villagers to bring in to Harv's for a photo shoot.

When you select this tab, you’ll be able to choose any of your current villagers to bring in for a photo shoot. If you feel up to it, you can dress them up! Or if you’re like me, you can take the time to stage the whole room for the best photo shoot ever. It’s entirely up to you. Photo shoots are fun.

You can dress them up from any clothing items you’ve ever had in your catalog – not necessarily just the ones actively in your inventory. You are limited to tops, outfits, hats, and glasses though. Villagers won’t wear pants or shoes. I know, I’m disappointed too. Oh, and outfits are converted into dresses? It’s still cute, though.

Feel free to take a moment to dress them up!

When you are ready, make sure to take out your Nook phone and snap a quick photo.

Whip our your phone and take a photo!

If you are in a hurry and you are trying to get several posters – you can put multiple villagers in at once! You don’t actually have to take a fancy photo… if you don’t want to. You can take a boring one of an empty room if you like.

Spork's very boring photo. It won't impact his poster if it is boring though!

Or you can stage a whole room with lots of guests and have fun with it, much like I did for Papi’s birthday!

However boring, or fun, your photo turns out to be – it won’t have any impact on your poster.

When you are done, head back to your island.

If this is the first time you’ve done it, Harv will call you as soon as your seaplane touches down to let you know posters are now available. You can purchase them from the ABD, or if you have unlocked it, from the shopping app in your Nook phone.

Don't forget to order your villager's poster from the Nook Shopping App or the ABD!

They are 1,000 Bells each and will arrive the following day in your mailbox. Don’t forget that you can only order 5 of them a day! Keep at it, and in time, you’ll be able to have posters from each of your favorite villagers! They’re so cute, how can you stop at just one?!

A screenshot of my room with my collection of villager posters!

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