I have been playing an awful lot of Final Fantasy XIV lately, and I decided that I needed to take a short break. In that short break, my lovely boyfriend jokingly sent me a link to Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance on Steam because it was on sale. I don’t believe he thought I would actually play it, let alone stream it.

He would be wrong. Without further delay, let’s get started with this game.


Raptor Boyfriend is a dating sim – so that means there’s not a lot of things to do in the game outside of reading text. If you like dating sims, this one is pretty much as standard as they come. Read the text, click to proceed, and make choices when they come up.

As far as dating sims go, I really can’t ask for anything more than what Raptor Boyfriend offers. One thing I would like to point out, is this game is not an adult game – so there is no sex involved. There is some kissing, some hints at sex, but it does not actually occur on screen – so if you are looking for sims with no adult content, here you go!


Oh my. Well, basically you play a young girl named Stella who is moving to Ladle in Ontario. For some reason, Ladle is where all the cool kids cryptids like to live. Stella wants to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, and in this game, has her pick between three people: Day Lilly (fairy), Taylor Tall-toe (bigfoot), or Robert Raptorson (… a raptor).

I played the game entirely gunning for Robert, because the name of the game was “Raptor” Boyfriend. Boy howdy. As a dating sim, your goal is to hang out with people, and essentially create a relationship with them until you ‘get the guy/girl’ in the end.

It’s a pretty straight-forward story, but be warned that this is basically meant to be a 90’s era teenager, and the cringe is strong. Just look at this:

Despite the very, very painfully cringe moments of dialogue, the story overall isn’t the worst. You’re just a teenager looking for love. The game is queer friendly, and in some places, has some very healthy outlooks on life and relationships.

Overall Review

Raptor Boyfriend: HUGS

It’s a dating sim, not a typical game – and it’s so cringy at times. I’m giving it 5 out of 10 Raptors. The art is adorable – and I really commend the person who did the art in this game.

Except for one thing:

What is up with those shoes on Robert?!

Those shoes. What is up with that. I want you to know that these shows slayed me.

The dialogue in this game was very drawn out at times. There are a lot of moments of just ‘…’ between characters, and when they are in groups, it really just drags. I understand that this is meant to feel like real conversations but it really just just drawn out and painful to read at times.

It is still a cute game, though I probably won’t replay it. I may play I love You, Colonel Sanders sometime though.

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