I never thought I would see the day that I would step into an MMO and find that I enjoyed it. I did try playing this when it first game out, I was even playing it PS3 in the beta version. I’m not sure why it didn’t stick with me so many years ago, but on our quest for fun multi-player games, Final Fantasy XIV resurfaced. Here I am, 632 hours later, and still only in the second expansion.

It hasn’t been an easy pick-up – I am playing on a console and there have been some challenges there. The hardest part for me has been the shift in how this game plays compared to the older games in the series. There are many things about it I do love – Chocobo racing, for example, doesn’t exactly get old. Then there is of course, fashion.

There are a great many things I have to say about this game. (Such as how I am now an actual Bard!) Some things I don’t feel need repeating, so I’ll be linking to existing guides that are already incredibly helpful. Then there are times when none of this makes any sense to me, as being new to this game and to the MMO genre in general.

Flurpy Hooves' adventure plate for Final Fantasy XIV

This post is mainly to serve as an introduction to a game that’s much bigger than I realized, in a world full of lore and backstory that is beautiful. And of course, to invite you to come and play with us.

The Bardic Unicorn Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV

You can find the information about our Free Company within the Lodestone, and we’re open to everyone who would like to play with us. Both myself and Lady Dynamo are pretty active – everything from dungeons, crafting, Chocobo Racing, and even some PVP.

We’ll be adding more information later about the game and what we’ve learned – but first, we wanted to invite you to come and play with us. Eorzea awaits!

I'm not just a Bard. I can be a Dragoon, too!!

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