The “Motherly Statue” is kind of cute! It depicts the kids from that famous Romulus and Remus story.

The Motherly Statue in ACNH

The “Motherly Statue” is sometimes fake. I also actually love the fake version – it is so incredibly derpy.

Look at this derp on this fake motherly statue!

Once placed in the museum, the description provided on the plaque will read,

Capitoline Wolf – Artist Unknown, 5th century BCE


This wolf from Roman mythology raises a pair of twins, along with some controversy. The original bronze sculpture of the wolf is a masterpiece that dates back to 5th century BCE. The twins were added during the 15th century… or so it was thought. Recent research has given rise to speculation that the original piece may be from the 11th or 12th century. (We will, however, stick with the 5th century BCE estimate for now.)

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