The “Mystic Statue” is one of the most copied works of art in ancient Egypt, featuring one of one of the most famous women in the world – Nefertiti.

The real Mystic Statue

The “Mystic Statue” is sometimes fake! So make sure that you take a good long look at it before you purchase it! Here is what the fake one will look like:

Fake bust of Nefertiti

Notice that in the fake version, an earring has been added. If you see that earring, the statue that Redd is offering is a fake! Remember that Blathers will not accept fakes and you can’t resell them – so unless you want to hold onto it for decorating, don’t be fooled.

Once you pick up the REAL Mystic Statue and bring it to Blathers, we’ll place it on a pedestal with a plaque that reads as follows:

Bust of Nefertiti, Thutmose, circa 1345 BCE


A bust of Nefertiti, whose name means “the beautiful one has come.” A “royal wife,” she was known as one of the three most beautiful women in ancient Egypt. It is not known whether the left eye is missing because it fell out, or because it was never completed.

Nefertiti, who has the most beautiful name – “the beautiful one has come forth”, was the wife of the Great Pharaoh, Akhenaten. Not a whole lot seems to have been known about her until she was married – so whether she was a foreign princess or the daughter of another royal who would later become Pharaoh after King Tut – seems to be up in the air. One of her six daughters did go on to marry King Tutankhamun, though!

The bust was actually found by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt in Thutmose’s workshop, which is why it is attributed to him. There were many other busts and statues of her in the workshop as well. As to why the eye is unfinished…. it isn’t clear. Maybe the artist just, didn’t finish it. Maybe Nefertiti actually lost her eye? (Although other accounts of her don’t reflect this!)

It is a really nice looking statue, very.. mystical. I’d have been pretty happy to be the one to find it, too!

The real Nefertiti, from Wikicommons

Bust of Nefertiti, from Wikicommons

If you want to see it in person, you are going to have to head over to Berlin… hopefully you speak a little German.

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