Over the past week or so, I have discovered a new game called Path of Titans. It’s basically a dinosaur MMO. By that I mean, you literally login, pick a dinosaur, select gender and colors, drop into the game and BE A DINOSAUR. If you are a dino-nerd like me, there isn’t a lot better in life. (Disclaimer here, as I have been playing, I have seen other players discussing other dinosaur games. This is the only dinosaur game I have played, so I won’t be comparing this to others.)

Now while I have really enjoyed my time playing Path of Titans so far, I do want to mention it is a very new game. By that I mean it is not entirely complete yet. So I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying it out, but I do want to help set proper expectations.

  • At the moment, there are no non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game. At all. The only other characters are other players. I did attempt solo-play, but with a lack of NPCs it is a great big empty world. I found this a little easier as a herbivore than a carnivore, but it is just too empty right now.
  • The quests are repetitive right now. The only quests I have seen are to go to different locations, look for items, or hunt down another dinosaur. The rewards for completing these quests are ‘marks’ which you can spend on new skins and colors for your dinosaur.
  • Dinosaurs are all level 1 right now, and they don’t change.

As a new player, I’ve noticed that it’s a little difficult to find out ‘how to play’. It could be that I’m extremely novice at playing games on a PC, as I’m kind of a die-hard console fan. It could just be that the game is still in active development. Either way, I have seen that as other new players join, they ask the same questions in the chat that I’ve had. I thought I might write them down in the event the answers might help someone else down the line.

Logging in!

It is an important step to any game! When you start with Path of Titans, you’ll have a handful of options of the home screen.

Path of Titans home screen

The settings menu is going to let you change options such as your graphics and audio settings, gameplay, social, and controls. The great thing about the settings menu, is that you can technically access it at any time.

Under “Gameplay,” there is an option for “Show Tutorials.” If you turn this on, then each time you log in to the game you’ll see some hints for your dinosaur. I find these to be helpful – so I can learn what to eat! You would think that would be obvious, but dinosaur diets in this game are extremely specific!


Obviously, these are important. This game was built to be played with a keyboard and mouse, but thankfully, it also has controller support! I never could figure out how to get my PlayStation 4 controller to work with it. That is my normal go-to when playing anything on Steam, but an X-box controller works just fine. Just plug it in and it just works.

You can scroll through this list of controls to see what each one does, and re-map anything if you need. There a few things I’ll point out here, though. It shows “Attack” and “Secondary Attack” – not all dinosaurs have both. Not all dinosaurs can jump, or have the precise movement, and not all of them can swim.

Also, the movement options are for the part, toggles. So if you find that your dinosaur won’t stop walking – you may have pressed the autorun button and not realized it. The default is the equals (=) key, and you can press it again to turn it off. You also might find that your dinosaur may walk incredibly, painfully slow all of the sudden – and it may be that you’ve had the trot toggled on and now you’ve suddenly toggled it off. The default is the z key, so you can turn it back on.

Singleplayer vs Community Servers

You can technically play Path of Titans solo on a single-player server, but as a reminder, there are currently no NPCs built into the game yet, so you will be in a very big world, and all alone. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about anyone else killing you! You may want to do this to learn how it works, how to be a dinosaur, or just explore a little bit. Keep in mind that you can’t take your single-player dinosaur into the community server, or vice versa.

Community servers may have up to 100 players on them. There are no rules, and everyone is free to play the game how they want to. There are no limits to many people can play a certain dinosaur, and they absolutely may decide to kill you on sight for no reason. The map is the same on every server, and it is massive. If you die in the game, you will respawn in another location – which at least, prevents other players from camping on your body and killing you upon your respawn! When you log out, you will log back in at the same location. If you change servers, you will be dropped into the new server at the same location, since all servers are using the same exact map. These servers are also rebooted every couple of hours in order to refresh them.

Choose a Dinosaur!

It’s really why we are all here, right?

Once you’ve gone into a server, you can choose to create a character. Start by choosing either Herbivore or Carnivore. It’s your preference, really! You choose by picking either the leaf or piece of meat shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

Herbivore or Carnivore?

Then you’ll choose species, gender, and sub-species. What’s really cool is you can actually see the sexual dimorphism in the animals! The slider is right below the herb/carn picker, and you can just arrow right or left to make decisions.

Choose a dinosaur. Any dinosaur.

There are currently eight herbivores you can choose from, and two more that are listed in game that are coming soon.

There are also 9 carnivores you can choose from, with 2 more listed that will be added soon.

Each dinosaur has stats listed, to give you an idea of how they are going to function and what they are good at – but they don’t actually change regardless of sub-species – and currently, you can’t level them up so the stats won’t change beyond just choosing different dinosaurs. So for example, these are the stats for the Stegosaurus:

Path of Titans Stegosaurs Stats.

The Stegosaurus makes an excellent tank…. but don’t fall off a cliff. Fall damage is awful.

Base color pattern for the stego in Path of Titans

You can also change your dinosaurs’ colors if you don’t like the default, using the tools at the bottom. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have enough options, you will unlock more later. Then you can have beautiful skins, like Kevin here:

A very beautiful Kevin. With his butterfly.

In Game Navigation

Once you log into the game, you’ll find yourself in an incredibly large map. It’s 8X8 tiles, and you will have a mini-map in the upper right corner of you screen. As you walk around, if you enter an area, the name of that area will appear on the screen to let you know you’ve entered it. However, the names of those areas do not stay on the map, and the map is fogged over until you’ve uncovered it. You have to essentially, remember your way around. I am not good at this.

Path of Titans minimap.
Path of Titans World map

Maybe I am spoiled from playing Valheim too much at this point, but I would really like to be able to drop markers to help me find food or remember where I have been.

Thankfully, Path of Titans has a Discord, and I would really encourage joining it! I lurk there a lot and was able to pick up a few tips that way. The most helpful tip was that if you open the chat window and type in /mapbug then it will return your current coordinates on the map, and automatically copy it to your clipboard.


Once you have that information, you can use the Vulnona Map to find your location in the world. You can open the Location Navigator tab, and paste your coordinates in and click Show, and it will indicate your location with a blinking circle. You can see here that my above location shows that I’m currently in Snake Gully!

Vulnona Map

Since it sometimes feels like finding food is looking for a needle in a haystack, (and I have, literally, died of starvation so many times) I can’t live without this map!

Kevin thanks you berry much!

Other things to look out for!

Since playing Path of Titans, I have really enjoyed it. I love being a dinosaur! I have never been a fan of MMO’s though, and… honestly, I have found most online games and communities to be fairly toxic, and from what I’ve seen in the chat, there doesn’t seem to be an exception. So I just… don’t take part! I sort of treat the other players like NPCs – if they attack me, well, that’s what dinosaurs do!

A word of caution to accepting Waystone invites from players you don’t know! I did this once not really understanding what it was: when I arrived at the Waystone poor Kevin was immediately attacked by multiple Spinos who were waiting for me.

As the game continues to develop and add content, I’ll add more guides and updates, and I hope the community evolves along with it, because so far i really, really like what this game is shaping up to be! If anyone else has any tips they’d like to share, or questions I could help answer, please leave them in the comments!


  1. Nice guide! Seems like 3 months later and I’m still having to dive into Google, Wiki, Reddit, and Discord to have any idea of how to play. I just started and yeah, I have no clue how to find food.

    • Thanks! I tried to be detailed! I know it has changed a bit since I wrote this up, but each time I go back in I still struggle with it. I still….. can’t find food without using a third party app!

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