So…if you go too long without logging into ACNH, your home will become infested with some six-legged nightmares. To be kind to any readers with katsaridaphobia (fear of roaches) turn back now, and don’t ready any further.

Since we had been playing ACNH for so long, we sort of just took a break after a while. Once the new update arrived, we were ready to come back – and then we learned that if you go too long without logging into ACNH, there are three “penalties” the game will give you. (For reference, “too long” is about on month.)

When you first log back in, you’ll walk out of your house with with some seriously messy bed hair. If you like the hairstyle, good news! You can keep it and use it as one of your hairstyle options moving forward!

Big Yawn after logging back into ACNH

The next time you have a chat with your villagers, they’re going to make passive-aggressive comments to you about how you haven’t spoken to them in a while. If you have been working on obtaining photos for any of them, the time you’ve spent away from the game will mean you’ll have to work on your friendship levels again.

Agnes has forgotten who I even am! So sad! 
At least she won't have roaches in her house..

When you walk back into your house, you’ll be surprised to find some creepy crawlies: roaches.

The horror of roaches in your house!

Running over the roaches will squash them and a little ghost bug will float up in the air. If you have trouble finding any, you may need to move furniture around a little bit until you do.

Kill all the roaches!

The first time this happened, I only had to run over one bug in the main room and that was that. Recently, however, it had been MONTHS since I logged in and apparently the infestation got pretty bad. At first I couldn’t figure out why I kept seeing them every time I went back to my house. Then Flurpy informed me that you have to keep running around your house and squashing them in different rooms until your character does a celebratory dance!

All the roaches are GONE

The Break Down

As you may be aware, I have a lot of extra players on my island that I created for the sake of having more houses to decorate. Before thinking to take notes and write this down, I got rid of the roaches in several, and it took quite a bit with this many accounts. Most of the time, you’ll see about 2 roaches per room – but they may not all spawn at once. You may need to kill one and then go into another room and come back before the additional ones will spawn. It does mean basically visiting every room in your house… a few times.

There aren’t any majorly negative consequences of the infestation: it will tank your Happy Homes Academy score, you can’t catch them for the museum, and if you have a random visitor to your house, the roaches will scare them away! (Can you blame them?

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