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Tag: Leonardo da Vinci

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Animal Crossing: Academic Painting

The “Academic painting” is an interesting study on the ideal man! The “Academic painting” is sometimes fake. The fake is stained with coffee in the corner, and hilariously, has a a USB drive taped to the back! (Da Vinci code, anyone?!) Fake Academic Painting, complete with coffee stains! USB Drive taped to the back! You’ll only see the USB taped […]

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Animal Crossing: Serene Painting

The “Serene Painting” is kind of cute! (I suppose I should have said “serene”.. but it has an ermine, so…) The “Serene Painting” is sometimes fake. To be honest, I kind of love both the real AND the fake version! The real one has a white ermine, while the fake one features a ferret! And who doesn’t love a snugly […]

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Animal Crossing: Famous Painting

The “Famous Painting” is probably self explanatory. The “Famous Painting” is sometimes fake. Badly faked, at that! Look at those eyebrows: Look at this forgery! Pay attention to those eyebrows! Blathers is definitely going to notice them! Once you get the real one, it will be placed in the museum next to the other da Vinci work, the Academic Painting. […]