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Tag: Jean-François Millet

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Animal Crossing: Moody Painting

The “Moody Painting” is a painting of a man sowing seeds, with crows to his left and some oxen plowing a field to his right. The “Moody Painting” is always genuine. It is actually not the first work in the museum by Millet! Once you hand over your Bells to Redd, Blathers will take the Moody Painting and hang it […]

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Animal Crossing: Common Painting

The “Common Painting” is an oil painting showcasing the lives of the common folk. The “Common Painting” is always genuine. After you get a hold of the Common Painting, take it to Blathers. He will be happy to hang it in your museum for you, and provide the following description on a plaque below it: The Gleaners, Jean-François Millet, 1857, […]