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Don’t take just my word for how awesome I am – here’s a few words from my co-workers and clients! If you’d like to read their full letters – send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to send it your way! If I worked with you at any point and you want to add your own kind words, please send them my way and I’ll gladly add them!

I had the privilege of working with Vicky for five years at DIGARC. For all of those years, her uncanny knowledge of the company’s software products and functionality was unrivaled in the company. Not only did Vicky advance the company through her excellent customer support and training skills, she also made it her mission to boost morale among our coworkers. If you’re looking for someone who will always go the extra mile to make your company the best it can be, please give Vicky the chance to knock your socks off. I know she will!

Jake Morrow, Curriculum and Assessment Manager, Florida Polytechnic University

Vicky has always been a joy to work with. Her positive attitude and repeated willingness to take on new work or spearhead projects always impressed me, as I’m sure it did many of our colleagues. I know Vicky would make an excellent addition to any team. She will bring a vigor to her work that would help any group to exceed their goals, and she’ll do it all with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.

Skip Ernst, Product Manager, DIGARC

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Kulig at the annual users conference. I have found her to be just as friendly and personable in face-to-face interactions, as well as email, chat, or video conferencing. The on-ground training sessions she led, or support she provided as others led, demonstrated her ability to work as an effective team member.

Nancy Tackett, Assistant to the Provost, Harding University

Through the time I’ve known Ms. Kulig, I interacted with her on numerous occasions. She often was a facilitator for weekly webinars. In this role, she displayed excellent communications skills and knowledge about the feature being demonstrated. She used the online meeting technology wisely and was articulate when responding to questions. I also attended a half-day in-person training. The training content and pace were well thought out. Ms. Kulig and her colleague were able to explain in detail how to use one of DigArc’s products. No feature was left uncovered and participants, myself included, left the training feeling thoroughly prepared to use the product on our own. Lastly, during DigArc’s annual user’s conferences, I was able to personally interact with Ms. Kulig. She was a perfect representative for DigArc and was extremely knowledgeable about their products and was very respectful of me as a client.

Donna Smith, Northern Illinois University

Vicky is extremely intelligent, hard working, dedicated, always goes above and beyond. She is a great trainer and manager, as she was always there for her clients and her staff. She always cared about what she did and it showed. Any company would be lucky to add her to their staff.

Kristy Marr, Previous Foundations Coordinator, DIGARC

Vicky is a true leader and the heart of every team she’d ever worked with. She leads by example and is constantly learning new skills to better herself and, in turn, her team. She’s more than just a manager or supervisor, she’s a true leader and mentor to those she oversees.

Kandi Hamrick, previous Client Education Specialist, DIGARC