Isabelle is currently saying Toebean only has a 4 star rating. For shame.

Island Ratings and Happy Homes Academy scores are things we’ve seen come up several times in various conversations regarding Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

5-Star Ratings

In my case, I stumbled upon a 5-star rating accidentally. This happy accident led me to question how exactly it was achieved. That’s not to totally trash the island of Toebean, although for a long time Dynamo and I had lovingly nicknamed it “Trashantula.”

My original decor was placing items randomly all over the island for no real purpose. Well, other than because it made me laugh or I thought it was cute. Let us not forget the time I made a fence entirely comprised of tarantulas.

Lady Dynamo and I have seen numerous islands by other players that seemed to be much better laid out—and yet we were hearing about their struggles to get over the last star. I hadn’t even begun checking my island ratings until I came across a flower I had never seen before. A quick Google search revealed that the flower was the Lily of the Valley!

This strange little white flower only spawns on your island while you have a 5-star status. I don’t know how I got there, but I did!

Look at all of the Lily of the Valley flowers Toebean has now!

After doing a fair bit of research, we realized it really wasn’t a matter how “pretty” your island looks. You can have a beautiful island and still never hit 5-stars. It’s broken down into a point system that is somehow both incredibly complicated and yet somehow simple.

Now we started to see why some player’s islands were not hitting the 5-star status, no matter how nice their island was. (Hint: too much open space! Put stuff everywhere!)

Happy Homes Academy

Once we had that down, we looked into how the Happy Homes Academy rating system was handled. Surprise – it’s not much different. We noticed a pattern of things – like furniture placed the right way, or with matching colors. Even rugs being placed in each room. Then eventually we found a book with a break down of all the points, and we simplified it into the fastest way.

After reaching these milestones, we realized we can help other players in raising their scores.

Free Consulting Service

So we have put together a free consulting service! All you need to do is fill in the information in one of the two forms that are listed below, and we’ll be able to review your island. We kindly ask for your Dream Address so that we can review your island during our stream, and we’ll provide notes for you to review as you have time.

We can also help in providing Bells, items, weed clean up, or other services as you need to help you reach your goals. Our main goal is to make sure that your time playing Animal Crossing is as as enjoyable as possible.

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