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Is Dinkum the answer to our ACNH burnout?

Animal Crossing fans have continually struggled with wanting to do more, but we all know that there’s no hope of Nintendo answering our pleas in a future update. The 2.0 update gave us SO MUCH, but Nintendo also told us we won’t get more. So here we are, a year after the amazing 2.0 update and still playing but longing […]

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New Update, Who Dis?

Soooo….about that update….. That title is NOT clickbait. We weren’t trying to make you think there was ANOTHER update. Sadly, we all know that 2.0 was the last update for ACNH. Nintendo gave us a beautiful update but it was bittersweet because they also dashed our dreams for the future. We got really hyped and started playing ACNH a bunch […]

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Exterminator Simulator: ACNH Edition

So…if you go too long without logging into ACNH, your home will become infested with some six-legged nightmares. To be kind to any readers with katsaridaphobia (fear of roaches) turn back now, and don’t ready any further. Since we had been playing ACNH for so long, we sort of just took a break after a while. Once the new update […]

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Resource Collection in ACNH

Whether you’re just starting your island or have a love of crafting, eventually you’re going to need to collect some resources/materials. Some are harder to come by than others and some are only available seasonally. Materials Available Year-Round There are some materials that are available throughout the year and, for the most part, can be available on your island so […]