Hello world!

I have written so many customized cover letters at this point explaining why I would be a perfect fit that I have lost count. I am sure many of those letters have gone unread as so many people are out of work and the number of applicants is overwhelming.

Instead of continuing the same process expecting a different result, I decided to take another path to help myself stand apart from the crowd and show you why I really am as awesome as I say I am.

Trust me, I’m basically a nerdy bardic unicorn.

In one job application, I was asked to describe what my best friend would say about me. In another, what would a previous co-worker say. We can kill two birds with one stone here and just reference the same person! I actually live with my best friend and have worked alongside her at my previous job for a number of years; I actually met her at work! We are basically the same person as we share a brain. She would tell you about my core values in overwhelming detail – honesty, integrity, kindness, and loyalty; and that I am the kind of person who leads by example.

We’re kind of nerdy, so she’ll also tell you that I am a bard – I write songs [badly] about whatever I happen to be doing, but my wisdom and charisma are high, so I’m clever, and I’m great at troubleshooting. I’m also the player in the party that just has to push all of the buttons, so I tend to get a really good understanding of problems quickly, and I ask a lot of questions from every viewpoint so I know the answers before the client asks them. I’m great in a party – er, a team – I work well with others, and I have excellent communication skills. I’ve known her for over 10 years and lived with her for more than 5 – how many people do you know who can live and work with someone and still get along?!

After being laid off from my previous employer of nearly 13 years due to the Covid situation, I am looking to find a new home with a company who is making a positive impact in the world – I need to know the work we do matters. I believe that my strongest core values; loyalty, integrity, kindness, and generosity; – should be a part of the company I work for. I’m pretty passionate about making the world a better place!

If you asked me to describe myself, well, I’m definitely one of the weirdest people you will ever meet – but in a good way! I have a huge love of sharks and dinosaurs (I go to Shark-con every year and I am building a Jurassic Jeep!), and my dogs mean the world to me! Finding a place where I fit into the culture is also going to be important – I have visible tattoos and very bright hair.

Work-wise, what did I do? I’ll try to be brief!

I primarily managed the training department and worked with the client support team for many years in a growing SaaS company for higher ed-tech. I wrote the manual for THREE products at my previous employer and created knowledge bases for each of them.

Over the course of my 13-year career, I’ve developed a hefty skill set – including the ability to troubleshoot, provide detailed instructions to end users, and excellent communication. I have consistently demonstrated critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork. At one point in my career, I was moved between departments, and there were tears from the department I was leaving and applause from the one I was joining.

I am also dedicated to making sure that where I work is pleasant – so I helped to coordinate events, parties, Secret Santa events, monthly company wide meetings, office decorating contests, etc.

I poured every bit of myself into my work, and it absolutely broke my heart to be laid off. I hope to find another place to belong to where I can be myself, and give everything I have to making the company I work for amazing and help the people I work with excel.

Unfortunately, much of what I did at my previous employer was proprietary and I can not refer to it for examples – so I am using this site to build up new examples of work to refer to. After reviewing my resume and samples, (and maybe roll a D8 for a little bardic inspiration) I think you will agree that I am the type of competent and competitive candidate you are looking for.

I promise you won’t regret it.

(I’m a bard. I will sing you a song of how great I would be if I need to!)