Disclaimer: Given the propriety nature of the work done during my time with DIGARC, I am only able to speak in broad, general terms and can not give specific examples or details.

In looking for ways to make sure that we as an organization were doing everything we could to provide clients with the best options for getting the training and support they needed, I spent some time doing some research and my co-pilot Kandi discovered WalkMe. It would be sometime before we were able to convince the powers that be to pull the trigger on the project, but when we finally did – it was incredible!

WalkMe allowed us to install a widget within our existing products so clients could receive in-app assistance – they could search right in the widget for help and be directed to anything within our Knowledge Base (this may have included FAQs, video tutorials, previously recorded webinars, or sections of the manuals) or it may have suggested a walk-thru for them to follow.

The walk-thrus are where I felt WalkMe really shined – it allows you to create a step-by-step guide to help your users directly in the application. So instead of needing to enter a support request, and wait for a call-back and have a person guide them step-by-step, WalkMe can provide an on-screen guide to direct them where they need to go!

It had a big of a learning curve to install, and the products we were installing them in were massive – at the time the training team consisted of 5 people in addition to myself, and the company was going through a reorganization, so it ended up that the project fell down to me. I implemented WalkMe across two of the products initially – building about 300 walk-thrus in each across 3 months to prepare for the initial launch.

While WalkMe does include an option for being able to point and click to select items on-screen to attach the guides to, our products were fairly complex and required that I learn a bit of jQuery to ensure that the steps were consistently displaying the right locations each time they were called up.

Once installed, the analytical data that was provided was immensely helpful from a support standpoint – we could see where clients needed further assistance and what they were searching for! WalkMe was then later installed on a third product when it was released with similar success.

In addition to have a large success within our company rollout, I was invited to serve on the company’s Client Advisory Board and participated in their quarterly webinars. I enjoyed using the product and would love an opportunity to work with it again!

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